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Transformance is a term coined by Dr. Diana Fosha to describe "the force in the psyche that is moving towards growth and expansion and transformation." In this paradigm, healing is "not just an outcome, but a process that exists within each person that emerges in conditions of safety."

At Transformance Health, we strive to provide support and safety as our clients move towards growth, expansion, and transformation.

Hani Elwafi, MD

I am a board-certified psychiatrist who treats adults of all ages. I focus on helping clients become better versions of themselves, and to transform potential into reality. I apply evidence-based principles of neuroscience, psychology, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, meditation and mindfulness, stress management, nutrition, exercise, and pharmacology to promote thriving.

I am the author of a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications on the effects of meditation on the brain. I received training in ketamine assisted psychotherapy with Dr. Phil Wolfson and am a member of the Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates professional society.



Duke University Medical Center, Psychiatry Residency, 2016

Yale University, School of Medicine, M.D., 2012

Duke University, B.A. Comparative Religion, 1999

Ketamine Training Center, 2019

Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research, CIIS, 2021


American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Diplomate, 2016 - present

American Psychiatric Association, 2013 - present

North Carolina Psychiatric Association, 2013 - present

North Carolina, Medical License, 2012 - present

Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates, 2019 - present



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Elwafi HM, Witkiewitz K, Mallik S, Thornhill IV TA, Brewer JA. “Mindfulness training for smoking cessation: moderation of the relationship between craving and cigarette use.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Jun 2013. PMID: 23265088


Brewer JA, Elwafi HM, Davis JH. “Craving to Quit: psychological models and neurobiological mechanisms of mindfulness training as treatment for addictions.” Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. Jun 2013. PMID: 22642859


George ED, Bordner KA, Elwafi HM, Simen AA. “Maternal Separation with Early Weaning: A Novel Mouse Model of Early Life Neglect.” BMC Neuroscience. Sep 2010. PMID: 20920223


Hirunsatit R, George ED, Lipska BK, Elwafi HM, et al. “Twenty-one- base-pair insertion polymorphism creates an enhancer element and potentiates SLC6A1 GABA transporter promoter activity.” Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. Jan 2009. PMID: 19077666

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